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Ramplast Shargh co

Producer of Different Types of Polyethylene (PE) Pipes

News and Notifications

Visit Made by Governor of Khorasan Razavi and Head of the Department of Industry and Mine on 25 June 2015

While visiting this company, the Governor of Khorasan Razavi became aware of the issues and problems propounded by the CEO Mr. Ardalan Mansouriyan and counseled the relevant managers and officials to take active steps in order to resolve these problems.

Alireza Rashidian noted during this visit: “To help reduce the vulnerability of production units, all executive organizations _ whether those dependent on the monetary system or those based on the marketing system _ must cooperate to fix problems and maintain employment”.
The governor later on added: “Following the new state legislation, resumed activities of the Council for Facilitation [of Affairs and Supporting of Production Units and Industrial Parks] with its sub-committees and the law recently passed by the parliament, terms of cooperation between the public and the private sectors have improved this year”. Referring to the lack of working capital in production units, he added: “Bank managers must contribute to the production units”.
During this visit, in the presence of a few provincial officials and bank managers, the CEO of Ram Plast Shargh Co. made mention of this company’s problems, including high state debt to the company, and added: “We are in turn indebted to the banking system. So we demand that with the assistance of the executive organizations our debt to the banks be balanced by our credit with the state, so that we won’t have to pay the loans’ late payment fine”. 
He also referred to the problem of supplying the raw materials, saying: “Governmental organizations can help us supply the raw materials required”. He also highlighted the fact that the PE pipe production capacity of the province is more than enough and added: “We are capable of exporting some products as well; yet domestic petrochemical companies are exporting cheap raw materials to Turkey and this has reduced our competitiveness among the region countries”.
He added: “Although the province has a production capacity that could meet the needs of the province, executive organizations such as the [Iranian Ministry of] Agriculture Jihad hold tenders all over the country and therefore supply their needs from other provinces, while the quality of their products in some cases is not even comparable to ours”.