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Ramplast Shargh co

Producer of Different Types of Polyethylene (PE) Pipes

About Us

The company was registered in the year 3 and was officially opened in June of this year, with the board of directors having been active in the field for six years. They were among the first importers of polyethylene pipe in year 2.
After many years of trying in the polymer sector and despite the many units, it was not reasonable to build a new unit, but the managers of Ram Plast, considering their insights and ideas, decided to make a unit well equipped and equipped with the most advanced technology in the world. To build in Khorasan with a profound cultural perspective and deep attachment to Iranian nation and dignity. And their goals of building such an industrial production unit:
- Promote the culture of production and productivity of human resources
- Development of the country's production unit
- Increase the share of foreign markets
- Qualitative upgrade of production machinery.
In addition to the most advanced equipment such as metric gravure, screen changer, ultrasonic and Quick Switch technology, the plant employs for the first time in the Middle East. The annual production capacity is 13050 tons. Managers at Ramplast wish that the products of this unique unit would alleviate consumer concerns about quality and hope to meet the needs in the polymer field.
Product type (goods or services):
- Drip irrigation strip made of polyethylene
- Polyethylene pipe for gas, water supply, irrigation and sewage. (Polyethylene pipes from 2mm to 8mm in diameter are used for water supply, gas and sewage projects.) The production line is continuous and extruded. The raw material enters the plant as granules and During a special process in the extruder, it enters the lines through the needle of the mold material and enters the caliber, which has the role of forming the pipe and then enters the cooling tanks to cool the pipe to obtain its true shape after which the cutting device It turns out that the pipe is cut to fit that specific surface, all of which is done by the PLC system of the machine and automatically Is.
Market Range:
All of Iran and Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.
Sponsor of the publication of guidebooks and computer programs for planning and designing land drainage systems by Dr. Askari Thanks, Drip irrigation by Javad Baghani, specialized irrigation language by Dr. Askari
Other social activities and partnerships with organizations:
Member of the Association of Employers and Manufacturers of Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings
Member of Provincial House of Industry and Mine Trade
Member of the Standard Badge Holder Association
Member of the Association of Industry Managers
Member of Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industries
Member of Iran-Germany Chamber of Commerce
Member of Iranian Polymer Society
Quality Standards and Certifications:
- Having a national standard of 1,3,5
- Incentive Standards 11233 and 6775
- International Standard: ISO
- Customer Complaint Management System ۱0۰۰۲: ۲01
- ۱۴۰۰۱: 15: 15 Environmental Management System
- 45-45: 18 Occupational Safety and Health Management System
- ۹۰۰۱: ۲۰15 General quality management system
- Certificate of Accreditation Lab Certification from Iranian Institute of Standards and Industrial Research
- Has ISO 17025 certification from NACI